Fees & Admissions



As part of our Child Protection Policy, we require a responsible adult, usually parent or guardian, to register on behalf of any student under 18. The Registration Fee, per family, is £10, is payable only once, and is not refundable.

A copy of our full Terms and Conditions will be sent to the responsible adult when tuition is agreed and must be signed before tuition commences.

Vulnerable Adults must also be registered with us by a guardian or other responsible adult with relevant details disclosed to our Tutors.

Adults are not required to register before starting private or group tuition.

Tuition Fees - please note, fees rise (for the first time in 3 years) on 1st July 2016.

1. Private tuition fees are normally payable lesson-by-lesson, to the Tutor.  Fees are £28 per hour for Primary tuition, £30 per hour for Secondary tuition through to Higher, £34 per hour for Advanced Higher tuition.  Individual adult language tuition starts at £30 per hour, according to stage and tuition request, and will be agreed before your tuition starts.

2. Course fees: when group courses of a specified length are set up, fees are normally payable in advance.  Fees will only be requested when a course is confirmed.  They are not refundable once you have paid for your place, nor if  you are unable to attend one or more classes. Pro rata fees will be refunded if a class has to be cancelled for any reason (unless it proves possible to re-arrange such classes).  Individual fees normally average around £8-£10 per hour, according to class size and content.