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Higher Revision Tuition in Inverness

Higher Tuition Inverness. For most Scottish school pupils seeking entry to university and college courses, Highers and fifth year represent the most important year in their school career. Edinburgh University’s Undergraduate Admissions Guide says this: It is essential that applicants are able to demonstrate the ability to cope with the breadth, depth and volume of study that will be expected of them in their first and subsequent years at Edinburgh. Therefore entry qualifications are typically phrased in terms of “at one sitting”. This means that we expect applicants to achieve the required grades in one examination diet.

Highers Tuition Course Inverness

Not surprisingly, many students feel considerably under pressure during fifth year and it’s the most common time for them to turn to a tutor for help. Many of our students are anxious to ensure all five Highers are gained at A grade and don’t want a slightly weaker subject to let them down. Some have been off school, or are at some other disadvantage. Some haven’t worked quite as hard as they might have and Prelim results provide a much-needed impetus to focus during the weeks remaining before the exams! Whatever your reason for requesting help, a tutor can make all the difference.

Higher tuition is available 1:1 on request.  Click on our private tuition page for more info.

New! Higher study groups. Focusing on exam preparation and technique our study groups offer a cost effective alternative to 1:1 tuition.  Places are very limited, early booking recommended.