Language Classes Inverness


Language Classes Inverness

If you are looking for language classes in Inverness, our language tutors offer individual tuition and where demand allows, group classes. Individual tuition is ideal for those wanting Fast Track learning – an effective, but more expensive, option if you want to reach a particular goal quickly. Fees from £30 ph depending on your overall stage and requirements.

Small-group classes are available at several levels, especially popular with Beginners.  Fees average around £8 ph.

If you have already studied a language, we can help you assess your current level:  we use the Common European Framework for Languages, which divides learners into three main Levels, sub-divided into six, as follows -

Basic User – A1beginner; A2 elementary
Independent Speaker – B1 intermediate; B2 upper intermediate
Proficient User – C1 advanced; C2 mastery or proficiency

A1 Beginners: the majority of our students are complete beginners, or “false” beginners – you learned a little or a lot in the past but now you’ve forgotten a little or a lot!

A1 Improvers: this is for students who’ve put in around 45-50 teaching hours – i.e. you’ve completed our first-stage A1 Beginners’ course.   After around 90-100 hours’ teaching time, you should be ready to embark on an A2 elemtary course.

B1-C2: we’re always pleased to organise courses for students working at these levels.  While less in demand, students attending are usually keen to develop their language skills to a high level. Please enquire.

Fees for group classes vary according to numbers but are likely to be around £8ph (£12 for a class of 1.5 hours) where minimum numbers are reach but more if the class is running with fewer students.  Your tutor will give you details.

Choose which language you would like to learn – simply …

Register your interest by completing our enrolment form.  Let us know if you wish to study a language not on our list – we may still be able to help.





Who can enrol?
Anyone aged 16+ who wants to learn a new language or improve their skills (for under 16s, see our Children’s Programme).

Where are courses held?
At various Inverness (and occasionally other) town centre locations.  Location details will be given by each tutor.

What Languages do you offer?
Currently, we offer English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.  Please ask if you are interested in a language not on our list.

When do classes start?
Individual tuition arranged on reuqest.   Small-group classes start throughout the session, according to demand: if your first choice course doesn’t run, we’ll keep you on a waiting list for the next suitable one.

How do I enrol?
Complete and return our enrolment form, or telephone us with your request on 01463 716151.  All courses depend on minimum numbers.

When do I pay my fees?
When we confirm that a specific course can start, your Tutor will ask you to confirm your acceptance of a place on it by paying the course fees.

Interested? Enrol now to ensure your course runs.