Latin Language Courses


Senior Language Courses InvernessBeginners Latin will commence in January 2014 if sufficient students book by 13 December 2013.   Remember to express your interest by enrolling, as our College can only run the course once a minimum of six students have expressed interest.

Latin underpins all the Romance languages – Italian is the obvious descendant, but closely related are Romanian (hence the name), French, Spanish and Portuguese, while many other languages have absorbed huge amounts – English is particularly influenced by Latin: the language of medicine and science, the law and the church were once entirely Latin and remain dependent on it. It’s been argued that no English speaker is properly educated who has not studied Latin. Today, interest in Latin, we are happy to note, is reviving, both among adults and children. Far from being a “dead” language, it’s very much alive! Find out for yourself, with our enthusiastic tutor. (She is, however, the exception to our proud boast that our language tutors are all native speakers!)

Languages for All

Language courses for complete beginners, taught in 10-week blocks. You can re-enrol each term (three per year) for as long as you wish to develop your skills.

Are Moray Firth Tutorial College’s language courses right for me?

Yes if would like to learn:

  • in small classes with lots of individual time with the tutor (our maximum class sizes are ten students)
  • from specialist, native-language teachers who are passionate about their subject
  • at your own pace, choosing from our Fast Track Courses or our Languages for All
  • in the centre of Inverness, with easy access from public transport and car parks
  • at a time which fits in with your schedule – we have evening and day classes and will try to accommodate any requests for a specific day or time.